Our  pocket beagles are some of the very best AKC and CKC registered beagles anywhere. Our pocket beagles share all the traits and similarities as our standard size beagles they are just smaller in size.  Our Pocket’s average 12 inches and below and weigh 15 to 20 pounds fully grown.  At X’ CALIBER BEAGLES we breed to please and strive to give our customers the best companion money can buy. Our beagles are top notch show quality and bred to be intelligent, obedient, loving, loyal, playful and well mannered companions with great personality and temperaments. Our beagles are easy to train and they get along great with kids and other animals and they also make great therapy dogs . We have a waiting list and pups are sold in the order in which deposits are paid. So if you are looking to add a beautiful new beagle as a new addition to the family you have reached the right place. Our Beagles are bred meticulously to prevent them from any birth abnormalities or genetic defects and with us you can rest assured you are getting an extraordinary pup from a reputable breeder with over 20 years experience. Our reputation speaks for itself as we are a verified breeder and featured as one of the top fourbest beagle breeders in NC @https://upperpawside.com/beagle-breeders-in-north-carolina/

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